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Thanks for visiting my Classic TV Themes & Image Titles homepage. My site now has over 500+ theme songs from the best of the best and a few not so great TV shows from every genre, including: Sitcoms, Comedy Shows & Comedy Hours, Drama, Crime, Western, Historical, Kid Shows, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Horror and even Game Shows to name a few, there are many others too. My site has not really changed much over the years, but the largest renovation is now complete here in the late summer of 2016 with over 250 new TV themes added to the mix and eventually from 3-5 new TV Theme CD's will be available along with the original four TV CD's and one Cartoon Theme CD. Check out the new link to purchase MP3's too, you can either purchase one for $1.00, 8 for $5.00 or get all 500+ for $40.00. I added HQ 400x400 album art to each song and tags too, so the songs are ready for direct download into your iPhone/Android phone. And if you want to watch any of the shows shown here on this site, you can purchase authentic DVD's through my Amazon Associates Program. All purchases will help benefit this site and if you can, you can also make a donation too. Where else can one listen to as many TV themes songs as is found on this site without all those annoying ads that just ruin the overall entertainment. Thank you very much.

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Thanks for visiting my updated "Classic Television (TV) Themes & Image Title homepage". The largest update to date is now complete with over 275 new TV themes and image titles added with a total collection of 500+ theme songs within the website. My TV site is still going strong ever since I started it back in 1999. I still have the original 4-CD TV Theme Collection available for purchase, which offsets any hosting costs. I will be adding a few new CD's too. But more importantly, I now have a very large "Classic Television (TV) DVD Store. The store will still be hosted here at, but all the merchandise will be sold via What that means is very simple; all DVD's purchased through my DVD store or my Amazon code "milleniummu0d-20" will provide me with a small commission. So if you were thinking of buying that DVD set, then please consider purchasing via this site. Thank you for your continued support. And please come back often and tell your friends about my TV Themes website!!

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