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Welcome to the newly designed Philadelphia's Ultimate Oldies Store which includes the greatest music from the 1950's to the 1970's. You will now be able to purchase the oldies CD's via check, cash, paypal or credit card. In the past, I'd only allow credit cards as the complications of choosing and figuring out costs along with shipping costs. A new thought occured to me and now I will allow all means of payment. First, to order via Check, Cash or Paypal , then all you need to do is click on the button with the check symbol on it and then fill out your name, email address along with all your choices of music on the email orderform. Then I will calculate your total bill with S&H and send you payment info direct. I will leave you a box for phone number and/or a box for special instructions if need further help with your choices. I can now also accept phone orders with your credit card as I now have a virtual terminal. Again, just fill out the order form for check or paypal. On that form, there is a box for your phone number and best time to call. The form will send myself all your info and I will call you at your convenience. To order via your credit card online, simply just click on the appropriate order button for category you are interested in. With the new "Flat Rate Boxes", shipping charges for 12 CD's will be the same as for 50 CD's. If you would like to order in bulk for resell in your store, just make note in the special instructions box. All the Oldies' CD's include almost 80 minutes per CD and all the songs are the "Original Songs from the Original Artists."

Under the image of each CD there is a link which will open a new window which includes the songlist for that CD. Lastly, if you are interested in saving even more money, then purchase one of the special collection sets, such as the Fifties Collection of 9 CD's. To get started, choose a link listed above. Be sure to write down your favorite selection, so you won't forget which CD's you want to order once you get to the ORDER PAGE. Thank you for your time and consideration!!

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