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Oldies MIDI Ringtone Music CD Orderpage
I am now offering the newly updated oldies MIDI CD disk with over 1,380 different songs in the MIDI format. Everything from the fifties, sixties, seventies, all of the Beatles and many Elvis Presley songs. Remember though, these songs are in the MIDI format and have no vocals. They have been produced by a computer. MIDI actually stands for 'musical instrumentation digital interface'. Most of songs are great replicas without the vocals. And what's best is that they are great for your cell phone. Why not add style to your cell phone by adding a great oldies tune(s). I have over 100 on mine and change them anytime I want. Now is your chance to order by clicking on one of the order banner/buttons below...

The Cost Per Each Oldies MIDI CD

$25.00 (pay by CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL or CHECK)

Oldies MIDI CD
(1,382 MIDI songs)

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