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"Millennium Music Homeplace Store"

Welcome to the newly designed Millennium Music Store. You will have the option of purchasing just one CD from a category or all of those same types. I now have my own personal MERCHANT ACCOUNT hosted with "CreditCard Transactions". This will give me more freedom allow me to also do orders over the phone if necessary for those people who have difficulty with the Internet. Just email me your phone number and I will call you on the phone. Be sure that you choose the correct SHIPPING RATE as per your order. Just select the appropriate category to begin. There will be special buttons on the bottom of each page to select all the CD's listed or if you need to mix and match from different categories.

Most international orders will be shipped via GLOBAL PRIORITY Be sure that your country will accept deliveries via Global Priority through the United States Post Office. A small percentage of orders can be shipped now via AIRMAIL. Countries especially like Greece and Italy can now use the link via AIRMAIL. Be sure to check the AIRMAIL link below to see if your country is on this list. Also, ALL AIRMAIL ORDERS will have their own special order form to use, so be sure and use this separate form. Global Priority orders will use the same form as all US/domestic orders. If people outside the United States don't pay attention to these 2 simple rules, then your order will not be shipped and a refund will be given. Most countries in the Middle East, Africa and many countries from Latin America are not on the list. To view the list of accepted countries, click on the link below here.

LIST of Countries for INTERNATIONAL Shipments

LIST of Countries on the "DO NOT SHIP" List
Due To Economic Sanctions from the US Gov't

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