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Millennium Music Special Collections
To purchase one of or more of the music sets or collections, simply click on the button listed below to begin your checkout. To return to the individual CD pages, then click on one of the links above. Happy shopping and thank you for your support.

Patriotic Music Collection
What more can be said about this collection of music. Newly updated featuring the Boston Pops and the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

War Movie Themes 2-Pack (Vol 1&2)
Now you can have all of the best "War Movie' themes on 2 different CD's. Now includes both Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan.

Star Wars Collection (2 CD's)
You get all the best Star Wars movie themes including both of the two newest Episodes: The Phantom Menace & The Attack Of The Clones.

Victory At Sea Collection
Both volumes and every song ever released on CD from the Victory At Sea series is included on these two classical masterpieces. You can get both for only $19.

The Civil War Collection
Included: Gettysburg and Gods & Generals soundtracks along with the Civil War Music which includes many songs performed by an authentic Civil War regimental band.

Star Trek Collection (2 CD's)
You get all the best Star Trek movie themes and even the original series and the Next Generation TV themes. Two great music CD's at an incredible price of just $16.

The Complete Military Collection
Save $5 off the price of five military marching band CD's. Included: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard.

The TV Theme Collection (4 CD's)
Save $8 on the purchase of all 4 TV classics. These music wonders make for great parties or just for laughs.

TV-Cartoon Themes Collection
Get all 4 Tv Themes CD's along with the Cartoon Themes CD. Save $10 when you get all five in this very entertaining music collection.

The Civil War Collection
Save $3 off the price of all 3 Civil War CD's. Included: Gettysburg and Gods & Generals soundtracks along with the Civil War Music which includes many songs performed by an authentic Civil War regimental band.

Greatest Movie Themes Collection
Get "ALL 4" Movie's Greatest Instrumentals in this collection. You'll save $5 off the purchase of buying these CD's individually. From Jurassic Park to Indiana Jones and many more, you get the greatest movie themes of all-time.

The Rockin' Movie Collection
When you buy the "Rockin' Movie" CD Collection, you will get 3 CD's full of all the best rock music ever produced by the movies. One CD focuses on dance, one on pure rock & roll and the the other on slow love rock songs.

Entire Christmas Collection
Save $20 when you purchase the entire Christmas Music Collection. What you get is the Rockin' X-Mas collection of 3 CD's, all 6 Classic Christmas CD's and my all-time favorite, the Children's X-Mas CD that features all the best shows that you grew up watching.
$85.00 (10 CD's)

Ultimate Movie CD Collection
Save almost 13% on this unique collection of the new "Movie Themes" CD's in my collection. All these are included: ALL 4 volumes of the Greatest Movie Instrumental Themes CD's, ALL 3 volumes of the Rockin' Movie Themes CD's and the Silly Movie Themes CD.
$60.00 (8 CD's)

Complete War Movie Collection
Nine different CD's that feature over 100 different Classic and Newer War Movie Themes. From Alexander the Great to the Spartans to the American Colonials to the the great World War II and beyond, over 270 hours of just themes and more theme music.
$70.00 (9 CD's)

Patriotic/Military Music Collection
If you like military and patriotic music, this is the collection to have. You get all five of the Military CD's which includes the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. You get both of the classic American Patriotic CD's and of course the Civil War Music CD which, features authentic regimental band music from the 19th century.
$65.00 (8 Total CD's)

The Complete War-related Music Collection
Save over 20% on this unique collection of every war related CD in my collection. All these are included: Both Victory At Sea CD's, All 9 War Movie Themes, Gettysburg, Civil War Music, Gods & Generals, Both American Patriotic Music CD's and lastly, all 5 military marching band CD's which include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.
$175.00 (21 Total CD's)

Big Band Era Music Collection
(10 Total CD's)
~ $85.00

Decription: If you really like Big band music, then why not get them all. Purchase all ten CD's for $85. That is just $8.50 per CD. It's a great deal for everybody.

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